What does Quantum Design & Technologies Inc. do?

Founded in 2013, Quantum Design and Technologies Inc. is a “concept to completion” design company that also provides value-added manufacturing and testing services. From leading oil and gas companies to landscapers and machine shops, we serve a variety of industries with our capabilities, increasing efficiency, safety, and productivity.

Located in Edmonton, Alberta, Quantum has extensive experience in product and industrial design. In addition, corporate expertise extends outwards to mechanical, electrical, and software applications. By remaining customer-focused and committed to quality, we have built up a track record of providing superior products and services to our clients at fast turn-around rates.

Types of jobs at Quantum Design & Technologies Inc.

Determined via job opportunities posted to or shared via our website, some of the oil & gas, energy, skilled trades and craft jobs at Quantum Design & Technologies Inc. include Welder Apprentice. Other common positions are:

Welder Apprentice

Welder Apprentice

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Quantum Design & Technologies Inc. job postings & career openings:

Here are the most recent job openings & career opportunities that we have sourced or have been provided directly from Quantum Design & Technologies Inc.: