Curious to know a little more about how EJS works? Here's some answers to common questions we're asked:

1. Question: How ‘visible’ is the website?

Answer: Very! Our leadership team brings over 80+ years of online marketing experience. Accordingly, the EJS brand is actively promoted via our in-house, world class marketing team through over a dozen methods including:

  • Paid ads on Google search
  • Paids ads on Youtube
  • Paid ads on the Google Display Network
  • Paid ads on Facebook
  • Paid ads on Instagram
  • Organic FB marketing
  • Organic Linkedin marketing
  • Organic Instagram marketing
  • Prominent organic search (SEO) rankings
  • Content marketing
  • Email job alerts

2. Question: From which regions / GEOs does the website traffic orginate?

Answer: Our traffic is 95% North American based with 65% in the US and 30% in Canada. The traffic typically mirrors primary areas of energy activity such as Texas (United States), and Alberta (Canada):

  • United States
    • Texas (27%)
    • California (6%)
    • Georgia (4%)
    • Florida (4%)
    • Louisiana (3.8%)
  • Canada
    • Alberta (39%)
    • Ontario (15%)
    • BC (14%)
    • Nova Scotia (9%)
    • Sask (8%)

3. Question: How do you verify your stats / site info?

Answer: Unlike some companies who pad their stats with ‘bot’ traffic and invalid users, our stats are all backed up via the industry standard: Google Analytics. Verification of stats are available to premium advertisers ($10,000CDN+ per month).

4. Question: I noticed ads on the site - why are they there?

Answer: The EJS model is unique in that it is Ad-supported, and that the revenue generated via these ads is used to further promote the website. This is a significant factor that plays into our large volume of website traffic. 

5. Question: Is it possible to remove the ads from my company profile or job?

Answer: Absolutely. An ad free experience is available to advertisers spending over $10,000CDN per month. Speak to our sales team to learn more.

6. Question: How much of my paid premium job post is used for advertising budget?

Answer: Traffic booster (in select packages) is fixed media disbursement that may be used for additional custom promotion of your featured listing’s connected job category or region. Enterprise clients may also have their job profiles or job listings promoted individually with fixed media disbursements.

Channels used for media disbursements are those that the EJS optimization team have selected as optimal given a company's recruitment goals but will typically include:

  • Paid promotion through Facebook
  • Facebook ads & Facebook boosted posts
  • Paid promotion through InstagramInstagram ads & boosted posts
  • Paid promotion through Google
  • GEO targeted Search & Display campaigns

7 Question: How many times are free jobs seen on your website?

Answer: Given our aggressive internal promotion, free jobs may be seen as little as 50 and as many as several thousand times per month. This often depends on how many other free jobs are posted in a given day, week, or month and whether ‘free’ jobs are used to backfill inventory slots on social media channels and job alert notifications.

8. Question: How many times are premium jobs seen on your website?

Answer: Premium jobs are seen between 1000 and 40,000 (yes, 40,000!) times per month. This is due not only the ‘featured’ status and predominant placement of the jobs on our website, but the sharing and promotion of these jobs through our high traffic marketing channels (see “Question 1 - How visible is the website”)

9. Question: How many applications will I get through your website?

Answer: Our landing pages are designed to pass a maximum of users through to your desired application method. The total number of applicants you receive will vary a great deal depending on several factors including:

  • Your desired method of application (phone, email, in person, job fair, ATS/applicant tracking systems, etc.)
  • Whether you have posted a free job, or a premium listing
  • The specialized nature of the position and hiring location(s)

Regarding QUESTIONS 7, 8 & 9 the amount of reach, traffic and applications has a lot to do with the job itself; i.e:

  • The position itself (an employer might get 100’s of applications for a larger career fair, but only get a handful for jobs that have demanding requirements such as executive or engineering positions)
  • Using ‘selling’ features of a job (“Earn $100,000 your first year no experience needed” vs a stoic description like “Mechanic” to promote) 
  • The image used in the promotion
  • How likely our users are to ‘share’ the job

What is the amount of traffic each job gets on average?

This depends on several factors, namely, your advertising package, the attractiveness and viral sharing nature of the job and the level of promotion (e.g: a highly specialized engineering position would result in less views/applications than an entry-level job with great perks).

In general, you can expect the following number of job views:

  • Free Listings: 50 - 100 views per month
  • Standard: 250 - 1000 views per month
  • Enhanced: 500 - 5000 views per month
  • Premium: 1000 - 10,000 views per month
  • Platinum: 4000 - 40,000 views per month

How many applications are submitted per job on average?

This depends on several factors, namely, your advertising package, the attractiveness and viral sharing nature of the job and the level of promotion (e.g: a highly specialized engineering position would result in less views/applications than an entry-level job with great perks).

In general, you can expect the following number of applications:

  • Free Listings: Up to 3 applications per month
  • Standard : Up to 5 applications per month
  • Enhanced: Up to 10 applications per month
  • Premium: Up to 50 applications per month
  • Platinum: Up to 100 applications per month

10 Question: What is a ‘community sourced’ job lead?

Answer: In keeping with our mission of “simplifying the energy recruitment process by putting more good people back to work”, many of the jobs on our website have been sourced through members of the EJS community. This means a contributing member has alerted us to a hiring opportunity they feel would be ‘share worthy’; EJS subsequently vets and verifies this lead, and if appropriate, adds to our database of free jobs which may be further distributed via our digital media channels.

11. Question: How does EJS vet & verify community sourced leads?

Answer: EJS is careful to ensure each lead shared via our community is verified via multiple methods. This may include directly contacting a member from the company hiring to verify information, comparing information shared to job details on a company’s website or social media channels, or both.

12. Question: Why are there expired listings on the site?

Answer: If a job is no longer active, employers have the option to remove a job listing completely or simply mark it as ‘expired’. Additionally, community sourced leads are often left up but marked as expired as a means for candidates to see historical hiring information, or to explore a job lead that may still exist despite its expired status.

13. Question: Can users apply to a job ‘through’ your website?

Answer: In a word, no - but with good reason! Many job sites require you to register or sign-up to view hiring information or to apply for a job. EJS skips this step taking you directly to the company’s desired application method without needing to create an account or register on our website.

14. Question: Why are some jobs promoted and others not?

Answer: We only actively promote - which is to say ‘sponsor’ - premium listings on our website. We also broadly advertise popular ‘categories’ of jobs within cities, regions, & countries.