Curious as to how to get the most out of Energy Job Shop? Here’s some high level points on how our website works.

Why should I use Energy Job Shop?

  • EJS consolidates and organizes time sensitive job leads from a variety of sources (ie: employer websites, generic job aggregators, social media pages) including Oil & Gas specific job fairs from across North America
  • We standardize this information and provide supplemental data such as:
    • 3rd party company reviews from across the web
    • EJS specific employee feedback
    • Company Culture overview
    • Hiring trends
    • Reliability & trustworthiness of lead
  • We give candidates multiple application methods (phone, fax, direct)
    • Allows you to track your application efforts
    • Allows you to upload and manage assets such as resumes, tickets, etc
  • We provide educational articles, interviews, & video content covering subjects such as:
    • What todays oil & gas co’s look for in a resume
    • How to ‘get your foot in the door’
    • How to navigate recruitment software
    • How to ensure you’re employment ready (tools, quizzes, 3rd party services)
  • We provide custom employment specific KPI’s & trends by monitoring key Oil & Gas Co’s hiring patterns:
    • Outlook for major companies
    • Outlook for specific positions and roles

Want to know even more? Here's some FAQ's:

Where do the Energy Job Shop leads come from? The jobs you see on our website and shared through our various social media channels come from a few different places including:

  • Jobs posted directly by employers via their websites
  • Jobs shared by employers to their social media websites
  • Employees sharing openings at their companies via social media groups
  • Employers who post jobs directly to EJS
  • Relevant opportunities posted by 3rd party job aggregator websites

How Can I apply to these jobs? We’ve tried to make this part easy! Depending on the employer & the opportunity, it will be one or several of the following methods:

  • By Phone
  • By Email
  • By Fax
  • In person
  • On the employer’s website
  • Using your Energy Job Shop Profile

Why Use Energy Job Shop? There are a few unique advantages to using Energy Job Shop including:

  • Reach: We collect jobs using over 1200 data sources, then consolidate & standardize how these jobs are posted.
  • Speed: Let’s face it, the best jobs are always filled quickly. Distributing our leads through modern digital channels such as social media and custom alerts reduces ‘lag’ in employment opportunities and facilities online word of mouth.
  • Simplicity: Using EJS removes obstacles in the application process via a simplified web app and consolidated application process.
  • Knowledge: Over time, you can begin to understand hiring trends, oilfield culture, as well as how to improve your online presence, resume, skillset, and related education improving your chances of getting hired.