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2022-05-18 - Content & Jobs Specialist

We’re looking for a passionate content specialist to help us find, vet and post content to the EJS platform. If you're passionate about the oil, gas and energy industry and want to help thousands of good people get back to work - we need to talk!

Our primary goal for this position is to have job inventory added to EJS that aligns with employer inventory we have access to along with opportunities that align with our community’s interests.

Primary Responsibilities:

  1. Job sourcing, vetting and posting of jobs on Energy Job Shop to fill up the US Jobs and Canadian Jobs employment categories
  2. We would provide an overview of where jobs can be sourced (vetted employers, recruiters, etc) the cities/regions we're looking to fill as well as the types of jobs e.g labourers, pipeline operators, electricians, heavy duty mechanics etc.
  3. We would need 40-50 posts per week minimum, mixed between US and Canada
  4. We need a minimum posting schedule, which would be a MINIMUM of posting jobs 3-4x per week. NOTE - there can't be large gaps (48-72hrs) between job postings.
  5. We want to to provide value to our existing viewership by providing qualified, hot leads on recent jobs to keep visitors coming back to the site organically. We also share these jobs on our Facebook pages and in our newsletter.


  1. We will pay $5/per post (Which equates to roughly $20-25/hr - depends how efficient you are), roughly $200-$250CDN week (invoiced to us)


  1. This is a work from home/remote position and will start in early to mid June 2022
  2. Candidate would be a subcontractor, and would send us bi-weekly invoices via PAYPAL to our parent company Multi Media Management

Please send your resume and cover letter to: service [@]

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