"All these people I worked with didn't even know where to begin. They didn't even know where to start"

Mike knew he was about to lose his job.

He was working in the oilsands north of Fort McMurray, Canada but the once-booming oil and gas industry was headed for a bust. Thousands of people were losing their jobs as the price of oil plummeted. Rumors of pending lay-offs flew around the job site. He found a new job before the cuts came down, but not without a struggle and like so many industry workers, Mike didn't know where to begin his search.

"Employers would pretty much talk to an employee and hire them on the spot … there was never a need for something like this before, and I'm really hoping it will help people out during these downtimes."

And so ... Oilfield Job Shop was born!

In the fall of 2016, Mike launched the first version of Oilfield Job Shop, and worked hard to dig through social media sites, employer websites, and ultimately find as many job leads as he could find, sharing them on his newly created Facebook page.

Mike had stumbled onto something: The word of mouth nature of recruitment was starting to happen online, and social media was a vital channel in the timely distribution of these opportunities.

In 2017 Mike partnered with a local entrepreneur in Alberta named Dave (who also ran an award winning Digital Marketing Agency), to help take OJS to the next level.

The company and the assets were transitioned, and from 2017 to 2020, Dave and his team grew OJS's online presence by over 5000%! In 2020, the website was rebranded to Energy Job Shop along with a completely new website.

Today, Energy Job Shop (EJS) has grown to become a destination hybrid recruitment platform that serves more than 10+ Million Oil, Gas, Energy, Trades & Construction job seekers per month. We continue to gain mentions in the press including the Huffington Post, CBC, Global News, Forbes, & beyond in service of our mission of simplifying the oil & gas recruitment process putting more good people back to work.

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