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ATCO is one of Canada's premier corporations, engaged in Structures & Logistics, Electricity, Pipelines & Liquids, Commercial Real Estate and Retail Energy.

From the safe and reliable delivery of natural gas and electricity to providing modular housing and water infrastructure solutions, ATCO has a consistent record of quality service and products, customer satisfaction, an excellent safety record and sustainable growth for their shareowners.

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ATCO has been around since 1947 and has approx 10,000 employees. This makes them the 42nd oldest company in our database, and 21st largest.

source include: indeed, glassdoor, facebook, google

ATCO Reviews

What do ATCO's employees have to say about their experience working here?


Summary: 3.40 out of 5

source include: indeed, glassdoor, facebook, google

Why work for ATCO?

ATCO offers diverse and exceptional opportunities for new grads and experienced professionals in a number of career areas ranging from engineers and accountants to tradespeople and power line technicians.

There are many opportunities among ATCO's nine companies that allow workers to make the most of their careers across varied operations.

ATCO Values:

It is ATCO’s heart and mind that drives the company’s approach to service reliability and product quality. Their pursuit of excellence governs the way they act and make decisions.

Recruitment & Contacts:

Want to get a leg up with ATCO? Here’s some extra intel on how to connect with ATCO’s recruiters, and any additional contact information that might be available:

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