If you are looking for a job that is open to all comers, a career in the oilfield & energy sectors is worth considering. Whether you are an unskilled worker or a college graduate, there is room for you to forge your own path to success!

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose to start a career in the oil and gas industry.

A college degree is not a requirement.

You do not need a college degree to start a career in an oil field industry. An entry-level position like a floorhand or roughneck requires only a high school diploma. If you cannot afford a college degree, you can apply as a floorhand in an oil rig and then work your way up to become an oil rig manager. In fact, many oil rig managers started out as roughnecks.

There are plenty of opportunities for advancement.

You can work your way up from an entry-level position to a managerial position without the need to get a higher degree. A typical floorhand in an oil rig can work his way up to motor hand, derrick hand, driller and eventually oil rig manager. Some certifications may be required for higher positions but you can obtain those by attending trainings and seminars.

It has a good pay scale.

This industry gives one of the best pay scales for unskilled laborers. An entry-level position such as an unskilled floorhand can earn an average of $35,000 per year with the possibility to earn double that - not bad for someone who did not receive a college degree.

You can learn while you work.

The industry prefers to hire unskilled workers and it is common to find oil rig managers who have worked their way up the ranks. A typical floorhand can accumulate knowledge and information necessary to manage the oil rig operation. An oil rig manager who worked his way up the ranks will have a more solid experience and edge over someone who never got his hands dirty.

It’s team-oriented.

Working in an oil rig requires great teamwork. The success and smooth operation of an oil rig depends largely on how well each member of a team works. Safety is their motto and a crew member cannot work on his own.

There are travel opportunities.

You have the chance to travel in various places. Oil is not limited to just one area. Some oil rig companies get offshore contracts that would require being assigned to another state or even another country, often with free housing.

The work is rewarding.

As mentioned, the industry has one of the highest-paying jobs in the job market. Offshore contracts pay more than onshore ones. A career in this industry can set you up for a lifetime. The high pay would assure you of a means to live comfortably. If you are a wise spender, the money you earn can set you up for life.

It offers stability and long-term work.

Oil is as necessary as breathing. For as long as there is oil, jobs will be available. You will never worry about losing your job or working only for a short period. The need for workers in the oil field industry is global, which means that there will never be a shortage of work in this industry.