Floorhand (Roustabout or Roughneck)

The requirement for this position is a high school diploma, a little oil field experience, and a clean driving record. A floorhand is a manual unskilled laborer who does all the “dirty jobs” in an oil rig. A floorhand’s duties include cleaning the equipment and work site, digging up trenches, inspecting pipes, removing safety hazards, painting jobs, and other tasks that do not require complicated skills. A floorhand earns an average of 22,250 - $77,291 per year and has an opportunity for promotion.

Coil Tube Operator

The requirements for this position are a clean drug test result and a commercial driver’s license. The responsibilities of a coil tube operator include operating the coiled tubing equipment, performing regular maintenance on tools, testing and inspecting natural gas pipelines, repairing leaks, lubricating valves, monitoring heaters, driving and operating trucks, and doing other maintenance tasks in the facility. This position earns an average of $36,520-$68,000+ per year including benefits.

Gate Guards

An oil field gate guard requires no special certificates or diploma and very little to no training. Their job is to monitor the entrance gate, log the vehicle and people traffic, and keep non-authorized vehicles from entering the field. This job is 24/7 so most oil fields prefer hiring people who live in an RV that they can park in front of the gate. They can earn between $150 to $300 per contract day and do not receive benefits.

Gas Control Dispatcher

This position requires one to have a high school diploma and some oil and gas experience. The position is responsible for maintaining the pressure in the gas pipeline, doing clerical work by maintaining files and records, and taking calls to do trouble shooting. The work hours are often done on rotating shifts. The average pay is $29,566 - $101,098 per year.


You need a high school diploma, some computer skills, clean driving record, and optional oil and gas experience for this position. Job responsibilities include monitoring of production equipment, and performing regular maintenance like replacing broken belt pumps and removing the accumulated ice on pumping equipment during winter season. The salary ranges from $26,000 to $27,282 - $84,405 per year depending on experience and responsibility.

Motor hand

The requirement is a high school diploma, a safety and first aid training certificate, and some knowledge or experience in the oil and gas industry. Knowledge in mechanics will be a great advantage. A motorhand’s main duty is to keep all rig equipment running smoothly and efficiently, particularly the drilling equipment. You are also responsible for training roustabouts and ordering replacement parts for the equipment.

Some floorhands move up to this position once they have demonstrated their capabilities to be a good team player, an efficient worker, and a fast learner. The average salary of a motor hand is $20 to $36 per hour plus cost of living allowance if you work offshore.