As with any industry, Texas’ oilfields have seen their ups and downs. Despite the downturn in the oil and gas industry, however, many people still turn to the oilfields for job prospects. With the price of oil on the rise once again, there are new positions opening up and new opportunities arising for these hopeful individuals.

While new job opportunities are opening up and cities like Midland have plenty of oil field jobs, and the industry is rising once again, it is still not as easy to find a job in Texas’ oilfields as it once was.

This does not mean, however, that it will be impossible to find a job, even for those with little to no experience. It simply means that you will need to ensure that your application stands out amongst the crowd, and that you counter your lack of oilfield experience with other desirable qualities and abilities.

Whether you are applying straight from school or initiating a career change, here are our top 3 tips for landing an oilfield job in Texas, with no experience, for those of you who are new to the industry.

Tip #1 - Make Yourself Available

Texas’ oil and gas industry is still somewhat shaky, and as a result, positions you may find could still be rather unstable. Because of this, the available schedules may be scattered, including long hours, fluctuating shifts, periods of constant work and periods of no work, and work that requires being away from home.

Make it known when applying for work that you are willing and able to travel for the job, and keep you availability flexible enough to accommodate the changing schedules.

Tip #2 - Apply Via Third Party Contracting Companies

You may think your best shot is to find the big oil company you want to work for and send in a resume to them directly, when in fact, these large companies often will hire third party companies to do their hiring.

These third party companies will match applicants with prospective jobs within the larger companies, increasing the chance that your resume will be seen by the right people.

Tip #3 - Use the Experience You Already Have

Texas’ oilfields are not only made up of rig workers and pipeliners.  There are a variety of positions available in Texas’ oil and gas industry that pull from every professional background, from kitchen work to healthcare, business management to electrical, and many more.

Take Advantage of the experience and specialized skill set you already possess, and you may just be able to find an oilfield position needing those particular qualities.

Bonus Tip - Follow the Energy Job Shop Facebook Page!

At Energy Job Shop, we post opportunities in Texas several time a day on our Facebook page, often for jobs that require little to no experience. These positions tend to fill quickly, so make sure when you see them to act quickly!

Final Thoughts...

While applying for positions with which you have no prior experience can seem pointless and intimidating, experience is not the only quality your potential employer will look for. These tips for landing an oilfield job in Texas with no experience will help anyone who is new to the industry find their place amongst the competition.

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