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Red Hawk Well Servicing Inc. is a privately owned and operated service rig company located in Oxbow, Saskatchewan that serves the oil and gas industry. They focus on delivering exceptional service by employing experienced rig crews and highly trained personnel who maintain their principles of respect, integrity and hard work.

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Summary: 3.85 out of 5

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Red Hawk Well Servicing Inc. values the importance of safety and holds a valid Certificate of Recognition (COR) and are members of the Saskatchewan Compensation Boards and the Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba. They mention words like: respect, integrity, hard work

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We are committed to helping our local and surrounding communities in any way we can. Red Hawk Well Servicing Inc. provides financial contributions and volunteer time to community projects and we are proud to have sponsored numerous activities and projects for our communities. We actively support STARS. They mention words like: safety, exceptional service, quality

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