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With over 30 years combined experience, Double Down Energy Services have covered every aspect of the oilfield. Their knowledge and expertise make them better at what they do, to serve you the best possible way. Offers Midstream Production, Hydrotesting & Well-Head testing, Roustabout services.

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Double Down Energy Services has been around since 2018 and has approx 45 employees. This makes them the 436th oldest company in our database, and 406th largest.

source include: indeed, glassdoor, facebook, google

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Summary: 3.00 out of 5

source include: indeed, glassdoor, facebook, google

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Hydrotesting Hand

Hydrotesting Hand

Crew Supervisor

Crew Supervisor

Why work for Double Down Energy Services?

Located in Midland Texas, claims to need employees that want to be a part of a company that is making a difference. They mention words like:

  • Hard working
  • Dependable
  • Honest

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Claims that their knowledge and expertise make them better at what they do. They mention words like:

  • Making a difference

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