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Candoo Oilfield Services Inc. is a privately owned construction and maintenance company serving the oil and gas industry for 23 years. Located in Fort St. John, Candoo was incorporated in the province of British Columbia on June 21, 1993: certificate # 44398. Candoo specializes in the construction, installation and maintenance of pipelines and facilities.

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Candoo’s top priority is our people. Our dedicated management and employees are the foundation of this company and the reason for Candoo’s continued success over the years.  We value hiring hard working, honest, and dedicated individuals. Candoo is a company where individuals can learn about the industry while growing their professional career for years to come.

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The mission of Candoo Oilfield Services is to continue to work with our Clients and Employees to ensure that we continue with the same high standards in every function of our daily operations and that we continue to work safely and efficiently without equipment damages or losses. They mention words like:

  • Quality
  • Safety
  • Environment
  • Teamwork
  • Integrity

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