My friend...we've definetely got some work to do if we want to get you hired.

I suspect the reason you're not hearing back from employers could be many.

Just some of the issues you're facing may include:

  • The jobs you're applying for require a license you don't have
  • You may not pass the employer's background check
  • You're missing a key ticket / certification or two that are mandatory on job sites
  • You don't have enough experience for the jobs you're applying to
  • You don't have a strong enough resume, and might need more relevant references references
  • Your drug alchohol / use may be considered a safety issue by a potential employer
  • You may need to consider expanding the areas you're looking for work

For today, here's 2 things I need you to do for me:

  1. Keep pounding! Make sure you're signed up for our custom job alerts here (you won't get hired if you don't apply)
  2. Keep your eyes open for an opening in the EJSU program in the coming weeks (I'll keep you posted!)

That's all for now. Thanks for taking the EJSU survey!

Yours in success,