North America, the Middle East and Europe are the top three regions where oil and gas professionals would like to work, according to the recently released first Global Energy Talent Index (GETI).

The survey revealed that 22 percent of voters said North America was their top location, compared to 22 percent for the Middle East and 21 percent for Europe. Asia received 16 percent of the votes while Africa and South America got five percent and four percent respectively.

A rise in the price of oil since lows of under $28 per barrel at the start of 2016 is reviving the shale sector in the United States. Salaries in the US energy industry are also attractive, with US workers receiving more money than their global counterparts for several oil and gas roles, according to Rigzone, in an analysis of the GETI report.

Maintenance engineers, mechanical engineers, project managers, welders and administrators, for example, all receive more money in the United States compared to workers in the same jobs in the Middle East, Europe, Australasia, Asia and Africa.

Canada, also within the North America region, is seeing increased desirability among energy professionals since President Trump granted approval for TransCanada to build its Keystone XL pipeline across the Canada-United States border, which is expected to create high paying jobs.

image: wikimedia