Active North American oil and gas rigs rose last week, according to Baker Hughes data, up by 11 rigs. This brings the total number of oil and gas rigs to 947, an additional 235 rigs year-on-year.

The number of oil rigs in the United States rose by 12 in the week, while the number of gas rigs decreased by one. The number of oil rigs stands at 759 versus 566 a year ago. The number of gas rigs in the US now stands at 188, up 145 from a year ago.

Canada has seen severe swings in its active oil and rig count recently, but the last three weeks have seen steady gains. Last week, Canada added another 13, bringing its total to 338, although the rigs are still down year-on-year. Canada’s oil and gas rig count from a year ago was 345. While oil rigs are up 20 year over year, gas rigs in Canada are down 27.

The Permian basin rig count accounted for much of last week’s gains, increasing by 18 rigs this week, now standing at 427 rigs versus 291 rigs a year ago. The Marcellus basin also added 4 rigs, with Granite Wash adding one.

Barnett, Cana Woodford, Eagle Ford, Haynesville, Mississippian, and Utica all lost rigs.