An explosion at Marathon's Garyville LA plant could raise gas prices evern higher during a time of rising inflation.

As reported by Bloomberg, The fire occurred in a hydrocracker, a crucial price of equipment that breaks heavy petroleum molecules down into lighter products such as diesel.

The explosion shook homes and could be heard for miles.

Marathon said five people were injured by the fire that started around 9:30 a.m. local time. The flames were declared extinguished about 4.5 hours later. 

Meanwhile, Gas Buddy's weekly update predicts Russia's threat to the Ukraine could enhance the usual price increases associated with the switch to summer fuel mix.

Gasoline prices have risen for eight straight weeks according to their reports.

At the Whitehouse, the Biden admin weighed measures on how to respond, potentialy releasing more of the American government’s strategic oil reserves

In California, prices reached an all-time high this past week, topping out at $4.72 per gallon.

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