Ealier this week S&B Engineers and Constructors (S&B) was awarded an engineering and construction contract with Chevron Phillips Chemical to engineer and build the company’s second U.S. world-scale unit to produce on-purpose 1-hexene.

According to the release, The asset’s location will be in Old Ocean, Texas, near Chevron Phillips Chemical’s Sweeny facility.

Job Creation & Economic Impact

S&B anticipates 600 construction and engineering jobs will be created for the project at its peak. Construction will commence during the third quarter of 2021, with project startup expected in 2023.

"The S&B team’s experience and track record make them the right contractor for the project as our business expands to meet global demand," said Mitch Eichelberger, Executive Vice President of Polymers and Specialties at Chevron Phillips Chemical. <

He continued to say that "We are confident S&B will continue to deliver on its commitments as it has in the past while positively contributing to the local economy."

The Facility

Chevron Phillips Chemical’s new 1-hexene unit will use the latest evolution of the company’s proprietary, on-purpose 1-hexene technology. The new unit will produce up to 266,000 metric tons or (586,000,000 lbs.) per year of 1-hexene, a critical component in high-performance polyethylene (PE).

This plastic resin is commonly used in the production of film and rigid containers for a variety of everyday products, including packaging for food, detergent and pharmaceuticals, among many others.

How to find Work

To find jobs that may become available for this project, we suggest keeping an eye on the S&B company profile on our website for updated job postings, or check their individual careers page.