Let's face it - it can be damn near impossible to keep track of all of the different applications you've made.

What's even worse with today's tough job market is losing out on a great opportunity because you forgot who you talked to, when you talked to them, which company they're from, and what position is being referred to.

Using Energy Job Shop's job application tracking spreadsheet makes it easier to keep all job leads and information in one place!

Some of the features in V1 of our sheet include:

  • The Company you applied to
  • A link to the job lead / source
  • The role applied for
  • Whether a drug test is required
  • The salary / pay
  • The shift / rotation
  • Qualifications or tickets required
  • Application date
  • Contact details for HR / Recruiter
  • Their initial response
  • Where you're at in the interview process
  • Date & time of the interview
  • Whether they made an offer
  • If they didn't make an offer, why not?

We hope you find this sheet useful, and have plans to continually update and make improvements based on your feedback. Stay tuned for more great tools and updates including:

  • Job hunt instructional videos
  • Resume / CV tools
  • Q & A with oilfield recruiters
  • Much more!

V1 of the Energy Job Shop Application Tracker Now Available!

Download Instructions:

  • Download the .xlsx (Microsoft Excel) document by clicking here & edit content to suit your needs
  • For gmail users, you may also open this with Google Docs (you'll need to make a copy of the live doc here in order to make changes), then edit to suit!

Good luck, and please share if you found this tool userful!