Fly-in fly-out (FIFO) jobs are those that involve employees being flown to a work location and then back home once their shift is complete. Fly-in fly-out jobs are popular in Canada, the United States, Australia, and Finland.

Employers will fly employees in and out to save on accommodation costs, minimize staff downtime, and reduce environmental impact. 

FIFO jobs are a great way to quickly make money while spending little time at work.

However, it does involve spending long periods of time away from home and you may have to live in a camp or temporary housing during your work shift (which isn’t all that bad!).

Yet, the benefits are inarguable. You can get a FIFO job without any experience or qualifications, making this a great entry-level position that boasts good working conditions and high pay.

Plus, as a FIFO worker, you can see different parts of the country while getting paid to travel!

Fly-In Fly-Out Jobs in Canada

There are many Canadian oil companies that hire fly-in fly-out workers, especially in Alberta and Nunavut.

In Fort McMurray, Alberta, for example, companies such as Halliburton, Patterson-UTI, ExxonMobil are always looking for FIFO workers to fill job positions in the oil industry.

You can also look into job opportunities in Nunavut where you can work, get paid, and enjoy the breathtaking scenery and culture.

Check out these FIFO job opportunities:

Fly-In Fly-Out Jobs in the United States

The United States also offers amazing opportunities for fly-in fly-out workers in the oil and gas industry.

In the state of Colorado, for instance, companies such as Enterprise Products, Patterson-UTI, Suncor, and Exxon Mobile are always seeking FIFO workers. In Nevada, you can also reach out to companies such as ConocoPhillips and Total.

Here are some job opportunities in the United States:

Types of FIFO Jobs

No matter where you set your sights when it comes to traveling for work, there are a variety of job positions to suit a wide range of skills and experiences:

Mining Jobs

Mining jobs include construction, engineering, exploration, and operations. They don’t always involve hardhats, pickaxes, and deep dark spaces!

Millwright Jobs

Millwright jobs involve installing, maintaining, repairing, dismantling, reassembling, and moving machinery in factories, construction sites, and power plants.

Equipment Operator Jobs

Just as it sounds, equipment operator jobs include operating a variety of equipment including forklifts, bulldozers, and other heavy machinery. Equipment operators are also responsible for repairs, adjusting, and maintaining heavy-duty equipment.

Laborer Jobs

Laborer jobs are perfectly suited for trades helpers who assist skilled tradespeople by moving materials, cleaning up sites, and doing other manual tasks. It’s a great way to get a feel for the job and gain some experience!

Can I Get a FIFO Job With No Experience?

Absolutely! That’s one of the benefits of becoming a fly-in fly-out worker. 

There are plenty of entry-level jobs and no experience jobs you can apply for as long as you meet basic qualifications such as:

  • Being in good physical form
  • Medically able to operate machinery
  • Willing to work long hours
  • Owning protective gear
  • Are 18 years or older

Investing in oilfield-specific training can help give you a competitive edge but this is not necessary.

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