You would think that landing an entry-level job in such an expansive industry would be a piece of cake. Unfortunately that isn’t usually the case. It can take months for some to find an entry-level position, and some may not find one at all. This is true regardless of where in the world you are looking to begin your oil and gas career. Luckily for those looking in the state of Pennsylvania, USA, the job market is looking up.

In addition to this booming market, we’ve put together a short guide for you, with tips and tricks on how to get an entry-level oil and gas job to help ensure you aren’t without a job for much longer.

A Little About Oil and Gas in Pennsylvania

Oil was first discovered in America in Pennsylvania, and the state has since been a consistent player in the industry. Recently, however, the state has seen a boom, specifically a shale oil boom, which has resulted in significantly more jobs becoming available.

Between the years of 2009-2013, the state saw growth in oil and gas related jobs at an astounding rate 2750%. Similarly, over 300,000 oil and natural gas industry jobs being posted Pennsylvania in 2015 alone.

While things have dropped from these impressive statistics a few years ago, Pennsylvania remains a very promising state for those looking for work in the oil and gas industry.

How to Get Hired

Ensure You Are Properly Certified This may sound redundant, but don’t apply for positions you aren’t qualified for. There are plenty of individuals out there who are qualified, and they will get the jobs before those who aren’t. Every time.

Take the Required Safety Ticket Courses Beforehand Most positions in the oil and natural gas industry require a variety of safety tickets, in addition to the necessary educational certifications. These are usually one or two day courses. Typically companies will hire without this, and provide the training courses for new employees. Having these tickets already, however, will help you stand out against candidates who do not, as it will save the company from having to provide extra training, and shows initiative on your behalf.

Ensure You Have A Clean Driver’s Abstract and Can Pass A Drug Test Failing one or both of these checks basically guarantees you will not be offered the position. Oil and gas companies take both the driving records and the drug sobriety of their employees very seriously. Even after you’ve been hired, a vehicle incident or failed drug test can result in the termination of your employment.

Be Willing to Relocate While your aim is to find work in Pennsylvania, and we are trying to help you do that, it is still a good idea to keep an open mind. There are many other areas throughout the USA and Canada that are large players in the oil and gas industry.

The Hunt Begins

The first step to finding the job you want is to start looking. Determine what type of entry-level job you’d like to, or are qualified, to do, and actively seek out availabilities for those jobs. You can do this through online job searches, local postings, or even through a little bit of networking.

Through these search methods, and by ensuring you have the proper certifications and tickets, and can pass the required tests, you should be able to find an oil or gas job in Pennsylvania in no time.


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