Baker Hughes is one of the worlds largest oilfield service companies today, operating in more than 120 countries across the globe. With the oil & gas industry continuing to dominate, despite the recent economic troubles, it remains one of the most in-demand job options, and rightfully so. Being one of the biggest businesses in one of the biggest industries, it is no surprise that so many individuals are interested in pursuing a career with Baker Hughes. The following guide will give some basic information on Baker Hughes recruitment process, salary possibilities, and the main locations where the company operates.

Recruitment Process

Applying for a job within this company has been made into a simple process, which can be done through their website via the careers section. Be sure to apply through the appropriate avenue, as experienced workers and new graduates have separate application locations. While you can apply directly to the company, Baker Hughes often uses the services of placement agencies to fill the various positions that open up. If you are selected as a candidate for the position you applied for, you will receive an email from either Baker Hughes’ corporate account or from the placement agency. Make sure to read the advisories put in place by Baker Hughes regarding situations that may potentially be dangerous to your personal information or financial wellbeing. It is always important to take caution when sending personal information out via the Internet.

Salary Information

As with any company, the salary potential will have many variable factors, such as: length of tenure, type of position held, amount of related education, etc. The most current, up to date information portrays that salaries within Baker Hughes Canada can range from approximately $40,000 (for a field operator) anywhere up to $148,000 (for an application engineer).

Main Locations

Baker Hughes global head office is located in Houston, Texas, along with several of their smaller offices. Despite this being their most central contact location, they also have important offices in Denver, Colorado; Moscow, Russia; Cairo, Egypt; Abu Dhabi, UAE; and Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. These offices cover their North American, Latin American, European, African, Middle Eastern, and Pacific services.


Understanding the recruitment process, salary potential, and knowing where the companies main locations are can be helpful for anyone seeking employment with Baker Hughes. Being such a widespread and successful company leads to positions being in high demand within the industry. Operating all across the globe, Baker Hughes remains one of the largest companies in the oil and gas industry today, with highly sought-after jobs appealing to both experienced professionals as well as newly graduated students.

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