As January comes to a close, growth within the oil & gas industry continues. With Texas reporting the largest amount of new active drilling in several months and President Trump approving Keystone XL, more and more companies are ramping up their hiring. One of the major players in the US market that is hiring is of course Baker Hughes.

Types of Jobs Baker Hughes is Hiring for

Baker Hughes presently has over 180 US jobs listed as 'open' on their website varying from Field Services Jobs, Manufacturing jobs, Sales & Marketing, Operations, as well as QA and Reliability.

Top Locations

While Baker Hughes lists positions available in the US as well as Canada, most of the openings are concentrated in Texas, Oklahoma, & North Dakota.

How Their Hiring Process Works

While Oil & Gas jobs are definitely becoming more in demand than they used to, it is important for job seekers to remember that the industry has changed over the last 3 years.

While many still long for the 'glory days' of high wages and loose qualifications,  most companies have had to refine their hiring processes and re-asses their compensations packages.

Love it or hate it, this is the new normal in oil & gas for the foreseeable future.

So, how does one go about getting hired with Baker Hughes in 2017? Take note of these highlights from their hiring process page.

Applying for Jobs:

We understand that for many oil & gas 'veterans', the technology used in job applications can seem daunting. Long gone are the days of mailing in a resume, and very few will still accept a fax.

These days, most of the major industry players will require you to apply online. Baker Hughes is no exception. They encourage you to use their job board, or follow them them LinkedIn or on Facebook.

Of course, Energy Job Shop tries to make it easy by posting on Facebook for Baker Hughes and other jobs with direct links to positions and popular employment aggregators.

For those who like using popular 3rd party job boards, Indeed is a great place to apply from as well.

Selection & Assessment

For those lucky enough to be shortlisted, next up will be a formal assessment and phone interview.

According to Baker Hughes, "This will give you the opportunity to learn more about the position and address any questions you may have. The recruiter will also review your particular experiences and assess your suitability for the role."

Next comes the in person interview. Here, you will be typically invited to attend an interview at a local Baker Hughes location. They go to indicate that "This gives you the opportunity to meet the manager and other team members. Depending on the role you have applied for, there may be additional technical assessments or further interviews scheduled to assess your suitability for the role."

The Offer

If you've made it this far, you're in!

At this stage, "the recruiter or the manager will contact you and make an initial verbal offer of employment." You'll then need to of course accept the verbal offer, and will then need to reply back in writing with in a specified time frame.

One final catch

While the verbal and written offer essentially mean you have the job, there is of course a few caveats.

Now, Baker Hughes will conduct a pre-employment check.

"The number of checks will depend on the role that you have been made an offer for and the country in which you will be based. You may also be asked to attend a medical assessment."

Getting through the Interview

If you're looking for tips on how to get through the interview, check out some of these great interview questions and answers with here.

Browse all Baker Hughes Jobs on Indeed here, or via their careers page.

Good luck to you all!