Each company in the petroleum industry has its own set standards and hiring practices. However, if you’re pursuing a career in this industry, it’s vital to be aware of the most common elements being considered by employers and the ways to hunt for open job positions.

The below are 4 of the best ways to Find Open Job Opportunities in the Oil and Gas Industry

Strategy #1: Company Websites

Most corporations post open job positions on their websites before announcing anywhere else. Some companies even utilize their sites as the only place to apply for vacancies. Job seekers can directly apply through these websites in most cases. If this feature is not available in a company of your choice, be sure to take note all of the details about the application process that is available on that company’s site.

  • Pros to Company websites: You're getting information right from the source.
  • Cons to Company websites: It's pretty darn hard to check dozens of websites each day for new opportunities.

Strategy #2: Job Portals and Career Websites

Job portals are another popular way to look for jobs online. These websites have options for filtering the positions, career field, salary, location, and companies of your choice. You can also look for industry-specific job portals like Rigzone, OOGA Career Center, PIOGA Career Center, Energy Job Shop etc. or you can post your profile on a career website so that employers can find you themselves.

  • Pros to Job Portals: Massive selection and searching can be fairly easy.
  • Cons to Company websites: If you don't apply quickly, some opportunities pass.

Strategy #3: Social Media

A relatively new method of finding work, Social Media sites like Facebook & Linkedin combine the best features of Job Portals and referrals. While you're not like scanning the job boards every few hours, you're probably checking your Facebook feed multiple times per day. By following pages like Energy Job Shop's FB page, you are alerted to new opportunities as they arise. What's more is that often times a friend or family member may 'tag' you on an opportunity effectively acting as a referral!

  • Pros to Social Media: The convenience time spent on Social sites makes it easy to be made aware of new opportunities.
  • Cons to Social Media: Massive user base means fierce competition for positions when posted.

Strategy #4: Referrals

Many managers ask for possible applicants from current employees. These are the people who have demonstrated excellent work ethic and the individuals who have gained extensive knowledge in the industry. If you want to start a transition or career into the petroleum industry, then you can ask acquaintances, family, and friends who currently work in the oil and gas industry.

  • Pros to Company referrals: Word of mouth goes a long ways and there's nothing like someone vouching for you.
  • Cons to Company referrals: Not everyone eager to get into the industry 'knows a guy'.