According to a story on, South Texas will enjoy plenty of new job opportunities in 2021.

Scheduled for completion in the second quarter of 2021, the Port Arthur Terminal represents a capital investment of more than $130 million that is expected to bring more than 1,200 direct and indirect construction jobs to the City of Port Arthur, Beaumont and Jefferson County.

The project will also result in more than 40 full-time jobs in Texas once the facility begins commercial operations.

From the Release

From the release, "Strategically located close to key infrastructure and waterways, the Port Arthur terminal expands USDG’s network of crude oil destination terminals and will facilitate access of Western Canadian heavy crude to the Gulf Coast and other markets."

It goes on to say that "The new DRUbit™ facility will allow Canadian heavy crude extracted from northwestern Canadian tar sands to replace competing feed stock from other imported sources, which are either becoming prohibitively expensive, or politically arduous."

Further, "Project features include rail unloading, marine barge loading and unloading, tank storage and blending, and pipeline connectivity to the nearby Phillips 66 Beaumont Terminal, giving customers access to a large network of refining and marine facilities."

"In addition to handling DRUbit™, the facility provides future growth opportunities for other bulk-liquid commodities including refined products, feedstocks, intermediates, chemicals, and biofuels, as well as dry-bulk aggregates, laydown storage, and railcar storage-in-transit (SIT)."

Added Ron Burton, Port Arthur city manager: “US Development Group’s terminal project will greatly benefit Port Arthur’s thriving downstream energy community with the construction of their patent DRUbit technology rail logistics facility, which will safely process and deliver heavy feedstock to local and regional industrial refineries."

Finding Jobs at the Port Arthur Terminal

We have dispatched an email to the US Development Group team requesting info on how to apply for these jobs, and will update this article at that time.

More info can also be found on the US Development Group website.