Welder Jobs in Midland TX

If you're located or looking at Midland TX and have your heart set on a high paying oil field job even if you have no experience you've come to the right place. This Texas city of approx 175,000 is well known for it's oilfield activity, and we've got the hottest part time and full time jobs from some of the largest and smallest companies in the state offering great perks like company housing and per diem. 

In the energy sector, Welders operate specialized equipment to fuse ferrous and non-ferrous metal parts. This could include items such as pipe (used in pipelines), storage vessels, to repair equipment, and beyond. Welders may also add layers of metal to build up worn parts. A welding job can be physically demanding, and require work both indoors and outdoors.

Check out our most recent Welder job listings in Energy, Skilled Trades, Pipeline & Construction sectors below: