What Positions Are TruCoastal Oil and Gas Services Hiring For:

TruCoastal Oil and Gas Services is hiring roustabout hands for the Pecos TX area.

A Little About TruCoastal Oil and Gas Services:

Founded in 2014, Trucoastal Transports was created with a commitment to providing reliable, quick, and safe transportation services to the Permian Basin oil and gas industry. After consistently delivering on its commitment clients begin to communicate the need for a reliable company that could handle other parts of their operations.

Trucoastal has now expanded into offering additional services including construction and procurement. With this extension, the name has transitioned to Trucoastal Oil and Gas but, the expectations have remained the same. Trucoastal Oil and Gas currently services Texas, Oklahoma and Mexico City.

We are projected to continue to add to our services list in 2018 to continue to help our clients drive results in a cost efficient and innovative manner.

Careers with TruCoastal Oil and Gas Services:

The Roustabout positions in the Pecos area require that applicants must have valid drivers liscence.

Roustabout applicants also must be able to pass pre-employment drug test.

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