What is Purity Oilfield Services Hiring For:

Interested in steady work, great benefits, and a safe environment with a stable company? Purity Oilfield Services needs Flowback hands, Night Supervisors & Day Supervisors for Rigs in North Dakota.

A Little Bit about Purity Oilfield Services:

Founded in 2012, Purity Oilfield Services, LLC is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and is built on the principles of providing quality services and integrity for clients nationwide. In fact, our growing operational footprint includes oilfield operations in the Permian Basin of West Texas and New Mexico, as well as South Texas, the Rocky Mountain regions and, internationally, in Canada. Wherever you need our services, we’ll deliver.

Through our vast product offerings, attention to detail, and a keen understanding of each client’s individual business, we create unique service packages that not only save time — they save money. It’s all a part of our efforts to be adaptable and provide you the services you demand.

Careers with Purity Oilfield Services:

Purity Oilfield Services owes our success to a dedicated team of hard-working employees, and by staying true to our beliefs and passionate work ethic. As it reads on each of our hard hats, SAFETY FIRST.

Purity Oilfield Services remains focused on providing a safe environment for its employees and its communities. In order to achieve our goal of zero incidents and injuries, we screen each applicant for the appropriate experience required and ensure they complete and pass a driving and background check.

All new-hires go through an extensive two-week safety training program to assure quality employment and success working for Purity.

Employee Reviews

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Ready to Get Started?

There are 3 ways to apply to Purity Oilfield Services:

  • #1) Send your resume or request more info to email ireiss@purityoilfieldservices.com
  • #2) Call 855-221-1600
  • #3) Upload your resume & Apply online at the Purity Oilfield Services website here

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