What Orion Drilling Company is Hiring for:

Orion Drilling has several job openings with excellent opportunities for advancement. Our rigs are in South Texas, West Texas, and New Mexico.

A Little Bit about Orion Drilling Company

Located in Corpus Christi, Texas, ORION is a full service drilling company with the tools necessary to help you hit TD. Our Manufacturing and Fabrication Facility is equipped to construct our rigs with API-certified substructures, masts, and crowns. Every rig in the ORION fleet is equipped with a top drive, automatic catwalk, and EDS controls.

Our Assembly and Integration Facility is a fully concreted, 8-acre assembly yard with enough room to rig up 4 drilling rigs at the same time. The yard also contains our Corporate Headquarters, Mechanics & Maintenance Shop, and an advanced inventory system that tracks, receives, and ships rig components, supplies, and spare parts.

Careers with Orion Drilling Company

All are key factors in a successful drilling program. At ORION, we invest in training, new equipment, qualified managers, and skilled drillers.

We know there’s more than one way to drill a well. It’s not a flashy new process or some patent-pending product that makes our projects successful. It’s simply our people and unique way of thinking that makes it all come together.

Employee Reviews

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Ready to Get Started?

Use the follow methods to directly access available jobs with Orion Drilling Company:

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