What is Vac-One Hiring for:

Join Vac-one.com in Midland office as their companies TRex and Cyclone merge together in Midland! Operators Earn $25-28.50/hr looking at 65 to 75 hours average & Swampers $18-$21/hr working 70 to 80 hours a week. Note - this is for locals or those willing to relocate to Midland.

Employer can offer $100.00/day for the first 60 days as relocation assistance.

A Little Bit about Vac-One

Hydro excavation is an increasingly popular form of nondestructive excavation that uses pressurized water and vacuum systems, rather than mechanical systems, to achieve a variety of digging, trenching, and soil removal applications. Through its Texas ReExcavation LLC (T-Rex) and Cyclone Services LLC subsidiaries, Vac-One provides hydro excavation services in Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.

Vac-One continues to execute an aggressive strategy toward becoming a national hydro excavation services provider through organic growth and selective acquisition.

Careers with Vac-One

We believe that every employee contributes to the success of the Vac-One organization, and we work each day to develop trusting, mutually beneficial relationships among our team members.

At Vac-One, we recruit individuals who combine the training and experience needed to perform well and who believe in safety, positive attitude, teamwork, and customer service as the platform for operational excellence.

Employee Reviews:

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Ready to Get Started?

Use the follow methods to directly access available jobs with Vac-one:

    • West Texas Office
      10909 West County Road 74
      Midland, Texas 79707
    • Email gabriel.gonzales@vac-one.com
    • General Careers info here

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