What Magnum Electric is Hiring for:

Magnum Electric is looking for Journeyman Electricians in Fargo, Dickinson, & Jamestown. There are also Traveling positions to ND, MN, WI, TX, & CO Working on large-scale apartment complexes and hotels. Expect Two - three week rotations, larger overtime, with housing paid/arranged by Magnum Electric and a daily per diem for days worked.

A Little Bit about Magnum Electric

Magnum Electric began operations March 25, 1989 in Moorhead, Minnesota with Dick Beaton and Tom Heng at the helm. Both owners raised the bar in the industry, and wanted customers and vendors to know that “We do quality work with quality materials”.

For over 20 years, they have successfully established and expanded business operations with the philosophy that “Quality doesn’t cost, it pays”, knowing that customers have higher expectations when it comes to quality and service.

Magnum Electric has established itself as the industry leader in providing quality workmanship in wiring, installations and design services, and relies on its strong partnership alliances with the industry’s top organizations such as Minnesota Electrical Association, Independent Electrical Contractors, Home Builders Association of Fargo-Moorhead and Fargo-Moorhead Electrical Industry Association.

Careers with Magnum Electric

We here at Magnum Electric have understood since our beginnings that our employees are our most valuable asset to create a long-term customer base and drive continued success.  It takes the entire team ranging from our entry level employees, tenured Apprentice Electricians, Journeymen Electricians, warehouse staff, valued suppliers, and everyone in the office to really create a company that drives for excellence.  We know that we only become better through our team, and are dedicated to advancing the careers of our employees through continued education and diverse projects.  Magnum Electric wants to give our team members the tools needed to drive for their own personal and professional goals and success.

We look for those that are not just simply looking for an electrician job, but a long-term career in an ever changing and growing industry.  There is no job too simple or too complex and we are there for our customers exactly when needed with the right talent, the right tools, and the right technology.  In exchange for the work our Apprentice Electricians and Journeymen Electricians perform for us, we give them highly competitive top wages and benefits that help create a strong work and life balance.  Magnum Electric is known for working on some of the most exciting and recognizable projects in the areas we work.

We consistently have a strong amount of work booked ahead of us at all times and are steadily advancing our business forward through smart growth strategies.  Magnum Electric gives our employees the room to move up, grow their experience and skills, and eventually become leaders in the field and the office.  We also know that our team members value more than just the time they are working for us and have responsibilities outside of work hours.

It’s our Magnum Electric employees that will be the first to tell you that they are never treated like “just a number” here, and that we are very family oriented.  We understand when emergencies arise both large and small, and we promise to be as flexible as possible in those times for giving our team members the time off they need.

Employee Reviews

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Ready to Get Started?

Use the follow methods to directly access available jobs with Magnum Electric:

  • Via Email: Matt@magnumelectric.net
  • Via Phone: 701-551-3240 (ask for Natalie or Matt)
  • View Available Careers Here

Good Luck!

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