What Hubbard Construction is Hiring for:

  • Asphalt Distributor Operator - Jacksonville, FL
  • Asphalt Distributor Operator - Orlando, FL
  • Asphalt Distributor Operator - Tampa, FL
  • Asphalt Paving Machine Operator - Jacksonville, FL
  • Asphalt Paving Machine Operator - Tampa, FL
  • Asphalt Plant Operator - Jacksonville, FL
  • Crane Operator - Winter Park, FL
  • Heavy Equipment Operator - Jacksonville, FL
  • Heavy Equipment Operator - Winter Park, FL
  • Lowboy Truck Driver - Jacksonville, FL
  • Lowboy Truck Driver - Orlando, FL
  • Pile Driver - Operator - Winter Park, FL
  • Rear End Dump Truck Driver - Orlando, FL
  • Roller Operator - Jacksonville, FL
  • Roller Operator - Tampa, FL
  • Screed Operator - Jacksonville, FL
  • Screed Operator - Tampa, FL
  • Screed Operator - Winter Park, FL
  • Skid Steer Operator - Tampa, FL
  • Water Truck Driver - Jacksonville, FL
  • Water Truck Driver - Winter Park, FL
  • Bridge Carpenter - Winter Park, FL
  • Concrete Finisher - Winter Park, FL
  • Laborer – Semi Skilled - Winter Park, FL
  • Luteman - Asphalt Raker - Jacksonville, FL
  • Luteman - Asphalt Raker - Tampa, FL
  • Pipe Layer - Jacksonville, FL
  • Pipe Layer - Winter Park, FL
  • Skilled Laborer - Jacksonville, FL
  • Welder - Winter Park, FL
  • Heavy Equipment Mechanic - Jacksonville, FL
  • Heavy Equipment Mechanic - Orlando, FL
  • MOT Traffic Control Technician - Tampa, FL
  • Quality Control Technician - Jacksonville, FL
  • More...

A Little Bit About Hubbard Construction

Hubbard Construction Company is driven by our Mission for “Operational Excellence”.

By integrating sound policies, processes and controls HCC strives for continual improvement in safety, production, quality, profits and continued community service to the benefit of our stakeholders, employees, customers and surrounding communities.

HCC is proud of our commitment to civic responsibility and for the past 95 years we have built our reputation as an ethical and quality General Contractor.

Careers with Hubbard Construction

The people of Hubbard Construction Company take pride in their past while looking toward the future. Every day we work hard to harness new technologies and improve our efficiencies.

We strive to produce cost-effective, professionally executed projects through computerized cost control, state-of-the-art equipment, ample bonding capacity, uncommonly good workmanship, on-site supervision and evaluation, and above all, a steadfast commitment to an unusually high standard of excellence.

Our quality work and excellent reputation is due to the creativity, pride and innovative spirit of the men and women who have been the heart of Hubbard for so many years. This tradition of excellence has governed our every working day for over 90 years.

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