What is AKITA Drilling Hiring for:

AKITA Drilling is hiring Floorhands with at least 1 year experience for work in the Permian Basin. Previous information about this position suggest the following:

  • Must pass hair follicle pre access test. This will be a 20 and 10 rotation & includes per diem. Full benefits and 401k.

A little bit about AKITA Drilling

AKITA Drilling Ltd. was formed in January of 1993 through a Plan of Arrangement with our predecessor, ATCO Drilling Ltd. At its inception, AKITA operated 26 drilling rigs in Canada. In addition to Canadian operations, AKITA also conducted drilling operations in the United States.

In 2000, AKITA re-established significant operations in Canada’s northern territories. As technology evolved, we were among the earliest adopters of pad rigs, including their use in the development of heavy oil and shale gas resources. This quickly became a market strength for AKITA, and today pad rigs make up approximately half of our deep capacity fleet.

Careers with AKITA Drilling

At AKITA, integrity, respect and commitment aren’t buzzwords – they’re the foundation our business is built on. We place enormous value on treating others, their cultures and our environment with respect, dignity and transparency. We bring these values to life every day in our words, actions and decisions.

Those who share these values will find themselves in good company. We never settle for second best, and that’s been the secret to AKITA’s success. We strive to not only be the best, but also look for the best in our employees.

We need hardworking, dedicated and loyal people to help us accomplish our common goal of being industry leaders, not followers; relentlessly pursuing excellence in every facet of our business. This is an ideal environment for tenacious workers looking for the opportunity to become the best at what they do, with the tools and support in place to make that goal a reality.

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