Oklahoma has put more oil and gas workers back to work the past two months then it has at any time since 1990, the latest payroll and unemployment numbers show.

Lynn Gray, the director of economic research and analysis for the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission, said the data shows the state's oil and gas industry continues to make its comeback, according to the Oklahoman newspaper.

“These last two monthly reports are of course still subject to revisions, but if they hold, they would together mark by far the largest two month employment gain in this sector since at least 1990,” Gray wrote as part of his analysis of the data.

“The nearest rival would be plus 1,900 jobs gained in June and July of 2011,” Gray reported, noting the number of working drilling rigs in the state are up significantly since the first of the year.

Also, its resurgence continues to help mend Oklahoma's unemployment rate.

Data released last Friday by the US Labor Department shows the state's preliminary unemployment rate for March was 4.3 percent.