As reported by My East Kooteny Now, work is getting ready to start on a 31km natural gas pipeline that will go from Alberta and into Idaho.

Cole Thomson, community relations manager for TC Energy says many workers are coming into the area Elk Valley area of British Columbia with even more expected over the next few years.

"For this year we are expecting around 520 workers to be coming into the area or being hired locally to support construction," Thomson said.

The pipeline project is expected to take around three years with most workers starting between June and October.

Thompson continued to say that they are always looking for skilled workers to join the project.

"Pipeline construction is a very complicated business but one that definitely involves quite a few skills and abilities," he added.

"We are looking for folks who can move pipelines, can handle the pipelines safely, have equipment that not only assists us in moving the lines but also in excavation and land clearing."

A story via the Kimberly Bulletin confirms TC Energy is the primary contractor, but there will be subcontractors related to the work.

A Tourism Fernie email further confirmed the 2022 summer season will see around 500 workers associated with the project in the area through to October.

They return in 2023 between May and October with around 600 workers, followed by a final, much smaller surge of around a hundred workers coming in summer 2024.