America’s biggest utility wind energy provider intends to make the largest multi-state investment in wind capacity in the country, providing around 2,000 construction and full time jobs.

The Minneapolis-based company proposes 11 new wind farms in seven states, adding 3,380 megawatts of new wind generation to its system. The proposed plan significantly increases to 35 percent the amount of wind energy in the company’s energy mix by 2021.

“We’re investing big in wind because of the tremendous economic value it brings to our customers. With wind energy at historic low prices, we can secure savings that will benefit customers now and for decades to come,” said Ben Fowke, chairman, president and CEO of Xcel Energy in a news release.

The company wants to add 1,230 megawatts of new wind energy in Texas and New Mexico, building two wind farms and buying wind energy from another facility through a long-term contract.

The company last week launched its largest-ever wind expansion in the Upper Midwest, with a proposal to add seven new wind farms in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Iowa. The plan brings an additional 1,550 megawatts of new wind energy to its Upper Midwest system, with most of the projects being company owned.

In Colorado, construction is set to begin this spring on the Rush Creek Wind Farm, which is the largest wind farm of its kind in the state.

Xcel Energy’s plans across its service territory are projected to generate more than 2,000 construction and full-time jobs.