According to a recent study by the Brookings Institution, Odessa & Midland are in the top 5 US cities likely to impacted by the coronavirus.

Brookings used the Moody's Investors Service list of industries most at risk of a decline in employment, where mining and transporatation - along with employment services, travel arragements, and leisure & hopitality - make up the top 5.

The study suggests that In 2019, 24.2 million of Americans (16.5%) worked in jobs that Moody's labeled 'at risk'.

Atop the list was Midland with 46,618 jobs representing a walloping 42.5% of all available jobs.

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The study goes on to say that "The most exposed metro area nationwide is the oil-and-gas town of Midland, Texas, with 42% of its workforce in high-risk industries. Other major energy producers such as Odessa and Laredo, Texas as well as Houma-Thibodaux, La. also land in the top 10 most affected."

Meanwhile, Apache Corp. has recently sent 85 Midland workers home in response to the oil crash.

Halliburton has also Furloughed 3,500 Houston Employees, while Drilling service company Canary LLC cut 43 workers last week. Recoil Oilfield Services laid off 50 workers after the water-transfer company lost all of its work with shale giant EOG Resources Inc.

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The list of 22 cities, according to the study:

22. In Crestview, Florida

21. In Honolulu, Hawaii

20. In Casper, Wyoming

18 (tie). In New Orleans, Louisiana

18 (tie). In Daphne, Alabama

17. In Farmington, New Mexico

16. In Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

15. In Gulfport, Mississippi

14. In East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

13. In Savannah, Georgia

12. In Brunswick, Georgia

11. In Orlando, Florida

10. In Flagstaff, Arizona

9. In Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

8. In Houma, Louisiana

6 (tie). In Ocean City, New Jersey

6 (tie). In Laredo, Texas

5. In Odessa, Texas

4. In Las Vegas, Nevada

3. In Atlantic City, New Jersey

2. In Kahului, Hawaii

1. Midland, Texas