It's a dilemma our readers know all too well, and is one for the ages.

According to the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC), Construction companies in the US struggle to find qualified candidates - while un-employed industry folk struggle to find qualified companies to work for.

How does all that work?

According to Ken Simonson, chief economist for the association, "the shortage of workers is their top concern and nearly three-quarters of contractors say they are having a hard time filling positions."

Florida Leads the Pack

Florida added the most construction jobs (22,300 jobs, up 5.1 per cent) during the past year.

Other states that added a relatively high number of construction jobs during the trailing months include the states of California, Washington, Colorado, and Nevada up 20,900 jobs, 13,500 jobs, 11,000 jobs, and 11,000 jobs, respectively.

Opportunities by State

Here are some of the major opportunities we've found in 3 of the top hiring states when it comes to construction positions.

For all you hopefuls out there, dust of that resume, and good luck!


Florida currently lists over 12,000 construction positions available on, with major companies hiring including KiewitEncore ConstructionFluor CorpTurner Construction.


California lists 21,396 construction related positions available.  Major companies include Kiewit, PCL, and KBR.


Washington lists 4,655 positions available. Companies hiring includes Avalon with 61 positions, Skanska, and Jacobs.