As reported by 12NewsNow, the Golden Pass LNG expansion project is expected to bring more than 3,000 jobs to Southeast Texas.

The project - currently in year three of its five-year construction plan are providing plenty of jobs for those in the area.

"Currently, we have a little more than about 4,000 construction workers on site. That figure will increase to more than 7,000 early next year,” said Golden Pass LNG's community affairs Advisor Mary Anne Reid.

While the construction phase is already adding thousands of jobs in Southeast Texas, the facility is expected to add 200 permanent jobs once complete.

"We will also continue to think about how we can help local residents get jobs improve their education and overall quality of life. We will never stop that. That's our commitment to be here" said Reid.

She also stated this project is even more important now with the energy uncertainty we've seen across the world because of the war in Ukraine.

"LNG provides a safe, reliable, and clean source of energy for global allies, particularly our friends in Europe," Reid said.

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