As reported by the Terrace Standard, LNG Canada is "already lining up employees" for what it expects will be a facility having an operating life of 40 years or more.

"Hiring for operational roles began recently and will continue, with the majority of positions yet to be posted and filled. We continue to prioritize local talent," a statement from the company indicated.

While the exact number of jobs was not posted, the company says the payroll will number anywhere from 250 to 350 people.

Indirectly, LNG Canada is estimating another 250 to 350 people could be needed in support roles such as technical support and maintenance.

A quick review of available jobs in the Kitimat area include positions such as Electricians, Excavator & Dozer Operators, HSE, Service Technicians, Cooks & Kitchen Positions, Helpers, Labourers & more.

The direct and indirect jobs from the LNG Canada facility will come close to replacing the roughly 500 jobs lost through attrition when Rio Tinto rebuild its Kitimat aluminum smelter in the middle part of the last decade and the 500 direct jobs when West Fraser closed its Eurocan paper mill in Kitimat in early 2010.

Those seeking employment opportunities can explore them via the LNG Canada site here.

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