As reported in an article in the Denver Post, Liberty Oilfield Services goal of keeping it's workers during the downturn is now paying dividends.

Chris Wright wanted to create a petroleum services company with a different kind of culture, one that kept employees around for the long haul. And, when oil prices and drilling activity rebounded last year, Liberty Oilfield had the workers and the reputation in place to take advantage.

Wright’s commitment to his then-600 workers was severely tested during the oil and gas downturn, which took oil prices from above $100 in mid-2014 to the mid-$20s in early 2016.

Drilling activity cratered and giant competitors such as Halliburton and Schlumberger laid off employees in large numbers. But in town hall meetings, Wright promised his workers that they would keep their jobs.

Indeed, the company found a way to not just survive but to grow revenues 80 percent through the downturn.

Opportunities with Liberty Oilfield Services

Liberty currently has openings in the states of Colorado, Texas, Wyoming & North Dakota.

Learn more about current opportunities and jobs with Liberty Oilfield Services (Liberty Frac) here or view their careers page direct.