Energy Job Shop was recently asked to weigh in on a Global news piece titled "Hot Jobs: Is working in oil and gas still a surefire way to make a lot of money?"

"Hot Jobs" is a section of Global that focuses on career strategy for a new era in work and in the piece, and specifically touches on topics such as the oil & gas industry's ups, downs, automation, and other factors impacting oil & gas recruitment.

Some 60,000 people in Alberta’s oil and gas industry lost their jobs during the latest downturn. And while we have observed a turn around and some are slowly headed back to work, there has been a shift - and the jobs are not what they once were.

In the piece, EJS founder Mike Vickers acknowledges the job loss, but is confident that more oil sands investment will come.

“I think any industry that has a big downturn like this is going to see a certain amount of people [leave], but there are still a lot of Albertans that have been really strong, that really believe in the industry, that really want to wait it out.” said Vickers.

Read the fully story on Global here.