Houston ranks as the top oil and gas destination for international job seekers heading to the United States, according to a new report from Indeed, the worldwide employment-related search engine.

The city of Houston has long been known as the heart of the US oil and gas industry, but Indeed’s new report shows exactly where and why people are flocking to Houston for work, reported the Houston Business Journal.

The top job searches for international job seekers interested in Houston are not unexpectedly tied to oil and gas, according to Indeed, with the most popular search term being ‘structural designer’. More than 25 percent of all international-to-US job searches targeting structural design jobs were connected to Houston, according to the report.

The next most popular searches were piping engineer, instrumentation engineer and reservoir engineer.

Job searches for other major US metros also fall in line with their top industries. For example, top international job searches targeting San Francisco are tied to technology-related positions, while New York City received searches for fashion- and finance-related positions.

By country of origin, Venezuela, Mexico and Colombia take the top spots for job seekers targeting Houston. The Bayou City receives 3.23 percent of all job seekers interested in the United States from Venezuela, the report said.

These countries of origin fall in line with national trends as well. Asian job seekers are more likely to flock to the West Coast, while southern cities like San Diego or Houston are more likely to receive job seekers from Central and South America, the Indeed report said.

image: accreditedbuildingservices.com