The Young Gastech programme, an integral part of the 2017 Gastech Exhibition & Conference, will take place in Tokyo on April 5th and aims to address the growing need to engage a new generation of LNG professionals to support the future growth of the industry.

Gavin Sutcliffe, Head of Content at Gastech organizer, dmg::events Global Energy, said in a release: “There is a growing realisation within the oil and gas industries that firms need to attract new talent in the face of high numbers of experienced individuals leaving the workforce.

Large companies in the sector are re-evaluating their recruitment practices to help entice members of the next generation to enter the industry.

The ageing workforce, and its accumulated expertise, has helped drive the growth of the sector over the decades. However, it does raise new talent management issues for employers. The younger generation is drawn to jobs within competing sectors, and the energy industry is left relying on a knowledgeable, but ageing workforce.

The Young Gastech programme has identified the need to engage with students and graduates in disciplines that lend themselves to the gas and LNG sector. The programme aims to provide support to those who find themselves at the start of their careers.

The event will offer the opportunity for young people to network and engage in an interactive roundtable, and under the guidance of industry experts.

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