There is an app in the works that will help people in the oil and gas industry find a job nearby. The app is called PETROmatch and it's syncing up two vital Western Slope industries, according to NBC affiliate KKCO in Colorado.

The app can match oil and gas suppliers needing employees, to workers needing a job, all in hopes of keeping the jobs local.

Team Kodemonkey, which developed PETROmatch, is entering the app in the GoCode Competition, where app developers around Colorado compete against each other to improve their local economies. The winner gets $25,000.

The app successfully cleared the first round of the GoCode competition in Grand Junction on Sunday.

Judges chose the proposal from Team Kodemonkey for a solution that will connect idle equipment and personnel related to the mining industry with companies that need the services, connecting supply and demand with an integrated platform.

The proposal would benefit both the owners of the unused equipment or the idle workforce as well as the companies needing the services.

The finals of the competition are on May 24.