With a multitude of Oil & Gas events being cancelled or postponed of late as the 1-2 punch of COVID-19 & an oil price war wreaks havoc on markets, many companies - with those in oil & gas perhaps being the hardest hit - are losing money and weighing layoffs in weeks and months ahead.

However, according to the employment website Glassdoor, several types of jobs appear to be spiking. 

According to their findings, job postings online are rising rapidly for workers who posess skills in the health care, community response, crisis management and cleaning industries, studies suggest. 

Additionally, job service website ZipRecruiter claims listings for cleaners, cleaning companies and janitors have skyrocketed 75% year-over-year on the site — underscoring increased demand for those services, even as the virus threatens employment in other industries.

For those in the energy industry that may be struggling to find work, specifically those jobs in community response and industrial cleaning may be good short-term options, and may play well with regards to transferrable skills.

Staying competetive

Regardless of whether you continue to look for energy companies that remain hiring or are looking to other industries for work where demand is spiking, the old rules still apply.

According to Lisa Rangel, founder and managing director of Chameleon Resumes "It’s important to note that the candidate market has always been competitive pre-coronavirus and companies have continued to take their time to process candidates and hire the best person for the job.  That’s not going to change."

She went on to say that "Your job as the candidate is to follow-up consistently.  Be politely persistent. Close by asking for the next steps on the interview. Ask for the job.  Use LinkedIn to get noticed.  Leave voicemails and send emails to ask for an update on the interview process."

In a recent EJS success story, job seeker 'Natalie' shares the same sentiment.

"Be persistent & be flexible. Just because you made one phone call or sent one email doesn’t mean you shouldn’t follow up,” she says. “Sometimes the work isn’t exactly what you thought it would be or where you thought it would be,” she continues.

"But if you can open up your parameters of what you're willing to do and work with - you might just find success."

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