Overview of Training

Curious how you can turn 4 weeks into a six figure income? Now is the time to advance your career!

136 Mud School is a training program with instructors who have over 35 yrs of experience on the drilling side of the oilfield. The school is in Weatherford, TX and is 4 weeks long.

We train people without them having to quit!

We work around rig hands schedules so if you needed to come two weeks then back to work you can finish up on your next days off.

We teach you everything you need to know to be a great mud engineer. Water base, diesel brine emulsion, and oil base mud. Well bore calculations and well control.

Am I Guaranteed a job?

We can't guarantee you a job, but we have contacts and are in good with a mud company. Good engineers are in high demand in West and South Texas.

Ready to Get Started?

  • Location: 2185 FM 920 (1,630.66 mi) Weatherford, Texas 76086
  • Phone: 1 817-773-8859