Energy company Motiva appears to be planning a major expansion to its Port Arthur refinery as reported by Texas' 12 news now last Thursday.

Apparently, the company has filed paperwork with the state comptroller for more than $6 billion dollars in improvements to its facility.

Part of the plan calls for construction of a $4.7 billion dollar "steam cracker" to make ethylene. According to the Enterprise, 1000's of jobs could be available, along with tax incentives to the community.

In fact, reliable sources cite that the petrochemical project, on full capacity, would generate 4,300 construction jobs and would support around 255 permanent jobs with an average annual salary of about $80,000.

The Port Arthur plant is already the nation's largest oil refinery, and this would put Motiva in the petrochemical game.

Motiva would begin construction in 2020, pending regulatory approval. The unit could be online in 4 years by the end of 2022.