The Northern BC Economy is about to get a boost as the demand for natural gas as a source of heat - and the need for a reliable pipeline system to transport that resource will create 300 construction jobs.

In the spring of 2020, Enbridge will commence on a project to install three new compressors in the Prince George region along its Transportation South (T-South) pipeline which runs from just south of Chetwynd to the United States border.

The project is reported to create as many as 300 jobs for 18-24 months, with operations expected late 2021.

"That's great news," said Prince George Mayor Lyn Hall, "because we know that those workers will probably keep their families here in Prince George and they'll probably live here and commute to wherever the job site is. It will also help those smaller communities near where the pipeline is close to."

his work, known as the T-South Reliability and Expansion Program, will involve: replacing old compressor station units with new, more reliable and efficient units; adding an additional compressor station unit; and undertaking smaller upgrades and operational maintenance at various facilities along the system.

These upgrades are being done as part of operating a safe natural gas pipeline system, and to accommodate an incremental 190 MMcf/d of firm capacity.

Rikki Beaudet and Catherine Pennington, Enbridge’s lead of Community and Indigenous Engagement, made the presentation to Council.

The full presentation can be viewed on the City of Prince George’s website.

img: Enbridge