Via a news release on their company website, Macro has Signed a New Construction Services Contract anticipated to be worth $160M.

Macro Enterprises Inc announced Feb 9th that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Macro Pipelines Inc. ("MPI"), had successfully negotiated and executed a new construction contract for pipeline construction services.

According to the release, the initial estimated value of the construction services to be provided under the contract is anticipated to be $160 million.

The contract is a reimbursed cost plus fixed fee arrangement with construction commencing during the first quarter of 2022 with substantial completion targeted to be achieved by October 31, 2022 and final completion by June 30, 2023.

It was unclear in the release when, or what sorts of jobs would be available for the project.

Typically, pipeline project of this sort will employ Welders, Heavy Equipment Operators, Pipefitters, Safety, Sideboom Operators, Mechanics, among other roles.

About the Company:

Macro's core business is providing pipeline and facilities construction and maintenance services to major companies in the oil and gas industry in northeastern B.C. and northwestern Alberta.