In a statement earlier today, Premier Jason Kenney said a $100M government loan to the Orphan Well Association (OWA) will create some 500 Alberta based jobs accelerating investment in the provinces energy sector.

The announcement game alongside energy minister Sonya Savage, who said that the $100-million loan is an example of how the government is ensuring the oil and gas industry can be successful and responsible.

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"This $100 million dollar investment and the 500 jobs we believe it will create will be a difference maker for many Albertans who are struggling right now," said Kenney.

According to Kenny, the money will help the OWA decommission approx 1,000 wells, as well as begin assessments on an additional 1,000 wells.

Previously, the government had loaned the OWPA $235 million for cleanup, which Kenney says started being repaid in 2019.

“This is a very important announcement about getting oilfield workers back to work right now when we need it, there is more investment coming into the oilpatch. And we believe there’s a path forward through pipelines.” 

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Last week, Kenney suggested that the province may invest in a major oil and gas project.

Today, he said details on that project would be announced by the end of the month that show “the government of Alberta’s commitment to getting pipelines built, the key part of infrastructure for the future.”

The premier also unveiled the party’s “Blueprint for Jobs” at the news conference.